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artistsinrevolt's Journal

Artists in Revolt
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In this society of instant gratification and superficial praise of the mediocre, where is the place for artists who appreciate and value the journey towards mastery of their art? With zero societal support true artists struggle bravely for years to create something of lasting beauty and meaning, only to be ridiculed, scorned and trivialized for their dedication/effort by fickle disposable culture (who really needed a pet rock anyway?). This is a community for artists who believe that study, practice, devotion, persistence, and effort are essential to the process of becoming an artist...be that artisan a
musician, painter, sculptor, woodworker, poet, writer, dancer, photographer, builder or some other type of artist.

Be welcome kindred spirits who value education, please be kind to each other...honesty is a rare trait, consideration for your fellow artists an even more rare commodity.