neodeca (neodeca) wrote in artistsinrevolt,

Moment of your time...

I'm currently part of a team that is building a social networking site specifically designed for artists and designers. It's not just a site to display your work but also a community that nurtures creative design. We already have a lot of great features developed that we think a lot of people will like but we're taking last minute ideas from real artists so we can give them the best experience possible.

So I'd like to ask the community a few questions. Only serious answers please.

1. As an artist, are there any specific features that would help you create or share your work?

2. Other than just looking at the work of others, what kind of things help help you create new work?

3. Is there anything you'd like to see in a art or design community that doesn't exist in other social networking sites?

Hope to hear from you guys soon,
Mike Huang, Co-founder
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